Wedding Planning Panic!


I think it’s fair to say that I’m a girlie kind of girl. I love beauty, clothes, romance and generally pretty, sparkly things! So it’s come as a bit of a surprise to me that at the point of planning my wedding I seem to be completely out of my depth.

I realised this when I went to my first wedding fayre and I was surrounded by much more accomplished brides than I. These women were at the same point of planning as I was but they knew exactly what was available to them, exactly what they wanted, and in exactly what shade.

Questions were being fired at me from all stalls and I failed to answer most of them. I was being offered things I didn’t even know existed, like seriously-what even is a plastic flower wall for hire?! Before I knew it my arms were weighed down by bags of brochures, I was batting away a demonstrating magician, and the free cake and champagne (thank you nicely!) were uncomfortably mingling in my stomach with the growing butterflies. I couldn’t make a definitive decision about anything. Nothing. Nada.

I’ve had a dream twice already that it’s the day before my wedding, I don’t have my wedding dress and I’m running from shop to shop with my mum in a panic trying to find something to wear down the aisle. I wake up and comfort myself with the knowledge that my wedding is 16 months away and I’ve plenty of time to find a dress, no matter how fussy I am. So you can imagine my reaction when a lady  at a wedding dress stall told me that I had as little as four months to find a dress if I wanted it in time for the big day. Oh. Holy. Shit.

We’d only just booked our venue and I already felt so far behind! Talking to other brides made me realise that they’d been planning their wedding in their heads months, even years, before their partner popped the question. And I was playing catch up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to get married. I’m lucky enough to have parents who have been married for over thirty years and are as in love as ever, and that’s what I’ve always aspired to. When I met my boyfriend/fiancé (I always feel a bit pretentious introducing him in public as that) I’d obviously thought about it, I’ve always wanted to marry Steve. But aside from imagining what dress I’d wear, what type of venue and the general theme of the day..I’d not thought about it in any great detail. Boy was I slacking!

All in all I came away feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished. But I when I got home, standing there with his arms open wide was the very reason I was at that fayre in the first place and that gave me a bit of perspective. There may be lots of pressure to get everything just right for our wedding day, for us and everyone else. But the way I see it is if at the end of that day if I marry this man, regardless if it rains, my dress was bought the day before in blind panic (please god no!), and the aunties are complaining about the food.. I’d say our wedding was pretty damn perfect.

Toodle pip xx



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