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Wedding Diet / Healthy Eating Plan

Right. Deep breath. This is something I have been putting off for a long time.

 It’s time for me to start my wedding diet/regime. I have wanted to get fit and be healthier for a long time, long before I got engaged or had to worry about fitting into a wedding dress and having my family put the paparazzi to shame as I walk down the aisle. And before Christmas I was actually doing well at this, I had joined a gym with a work friend, I was actually GOING to the gym (I know, I would actually GO on a regular basis) and I was eating healthier. Then Christmas happened. My routine went out of the window, my belly was filled with turkey and treats, and I quite frankly haven’t looked back since.

Now I could pretend that this is just a health kick and I just want to be fit and healthy for me bla bla bla, which is ultimately very true, however what’s having a key motivating factor is that in a year’s time I’m going to be centre stage and everyone I know will be noticing how I look and judging this in some way. It’s supposed to be the day when I look the most beautiful I possibly can. And if I’m honest, I feel the pressure of this.

 I know that there are several things you could be thinking reading this right now:

 Why are you starting the diet/regime so early? – I figured that to see any noticeable changes/improvements, it’s going to take time and so I need to make changes to my lifestyle early on. In addition to this, when I was working out and eating healthier, I felt soo much more energetic and better about myself in general. I’d like to feel that way again.

How much weight do you have to lose? – I’m only a size 8 and so losing lots of weight is not really the end goal here. For me, I’m just looking to look more toned and healthy, e.g.  firm up my tummy and upper arms.

 A year is a long time to be on a diet – Is it a diet? No. When I say diet, I simply mean the food that I put into my body on a regular basis, my diet. I am not going on any meal supplement diet or any other ‘diet’ that would mean restricting myself in some way. I’m simply actively looking at the food I’m eating and ensuring this is more controlled and healthy on the whole. You will see below how I am planning to allow myself flexibility and time to enjoy food out with friends/food I enjoy that’s not so healthy.

Weekly Food Intake



3 x per week

2 x per week

2 x per week

4 x per week (mixture of gym classes and gym workout)




Fruit smoothie


Tuna or salmon salad

Chicken salad wrap or wholemeal pitta



Chicken or fish dish with salad or sweet potato and veg

Low fat Pasta or Rice dish



Fruit and variety of nuts.


Water and diluted squash (I don’t like tea or coffee anyway) and only fizzy drinks twice a week

As you can see, this is not a scary eating plan. I’m not planning to survive on leaves. This plan, for me, is realistic. I like the food (obviously I like pizza better!) and its healthy, giving myself plenty of protein, veg, fruit and carbs. I’ve also allowed myself two lunches and dinners per week that can be different and calorific if need be (not necessarily to be used on the same day). I thought this would be a more realistic way for me to stick to a healthy eating plan. I crave a routine in my diet and at the moment I have none, which sometimes means missed meals (like breakfast or lunch if I’m in work). In order for me to make a change I need a fixed meal plan – otherwise I will never stick to it!

 I’m going to keep this plan glued onto the inside of my work diary, and as I love ticking things off lists (seriously, this is a problem), I’m going to put a  tick in my diary each time I go to the gym and use the diary to keep track of my ‘freedom’ meals so I don’t go over my weekly allowance!

HOPEFULLY in the future I won’t need to keep plans and tick-boxes to keep to a healthy eating plan, but for now I do.

 Let me know if you would like me to share my exercise plan and/or if you have any tips or would like to share your thoughts please do! I’m sure I am not the only one feeling the pressure before the big day, or even just in general.

 Wish me luck!



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