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Choosing Your Wedding Venue


Choosing the venue for your wedding has got to be the biggest and most costly decision you are going to make for your wedding. It’s also typically the first decision a couple will make, it was ours too.

My fiancé and I both scoured the web to find venues and asked ourselves the questions below to help filter out our venue options. I’ve written these out for you below in case you might find these helpful.

  1. Is it important for you to have a wedding close to your home/where your family live?
  2. Do you want to have your ceremony at the venue?
  3. How many guests approximately do you envisage having? (each venue will have a minimum and maximum capacity)
  4. Is the quality of the food important to you?
  5. If you already have a colour scheme, does this colour scheme clash with the venue’s pre-existing colour scheme (walls/curtains etc)
  6. Is it important to you that the venue is exclusively yours for that day? (some venues will be hotels, where other guests will be present, some will have more than one wedding per day)
  7. Is it important to you that there is a wedding coordinator at the venue?
  8. What is your budget? (this is a big deciding factor!)

When you’ve answered these questions it becomes easier to rule out possible venues that don’t offer what you want.. After we did this, we arranged private viewings with each of the venues on the short-list.

* It’s also worth checking out if a wedding fayre is taking place at any of your potential venues because you can go along to this to have a nose around without having to have a sit down chat with anyone. We did this at one particular venue and I’m really glad we did as within minutes we were both like, “nope, definitely not for us”. We did a quick obligatory walk around and left – without having to awkwardly tell anyone we didn’t like it/ or pretend to like it.

 I’m glad to say that this venue malarkey was easy for us because the first venue we saw (which had been my favourite from the start) was definitely the one for us. Our venue allowed you to provisionally book a date for a week without paying a deposit, so we provisionally booked a date there and then and used the rest of the week to look elsewhere. Of course, our hearts were already set on venue number one and it ticked all of our boxes.

The cost:

Woah weddings are expensive!! As I said previously, the cost is a big deciding factor in where you decide to get married. Of course you want the wedding of your dreams but sometimes this can get a little out of hand and many couples start married life in debt. Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that and it would probably hang over my head during the wedding day and spoil it for me. So if you’re like me in this sense, only spend however much you feel comfortable spending.

Importantly, pretty much all venues have some room for negotiation so I’d urge you not to agree to a price without negotiating first. In our case we negotiated £2000 off the original quoted value, without having to compromise on what we wanted, so it’s definitely worth doing!!

 Good Luck!!

Toodle pip xx


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