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15 Signs You Should Marry Him

1. He’s basically the first person you want to tell anything and everything to. And I do   mean anything – you have no filter.

6355713136219398792138124592_michael_mental break.gif


2. Because no filter is needed.  You feel as comfortable with him as you do alone.

3. He let’s you use him as your personal radiator. Dead-cold tootsies – meet toasty warm man thigh.



4. He thinks you’re beautiful. All of the time. Even when you wake up after a night out looking like a confused panda.



5. Not only that but he makes YOU FEEL beautiful.



6. Period blues? He’s got a hot water bottle, a cuddle and your favourite snack waiting for you.



7. Because he likes taking care of you and you like taking care of him.



8. You have a few favourite restaurants which you only go to together – if one of you goes without the other, it’s basically classed as cheating.




9. No one is better to do TV show marathons with and without his running commentary, the shows just aren’t the same.



10. He’s your biggest supporter. You might doubt your abilities but he never does.



11. You are always his priority. You never feel second best.



12. You trust each other 100%.  You don’t feel the need to swap Facebook logins but you aren’t logging off when you leave the room either.



13. No one can make you laugh like he can.



14. And you miss him when he’s not around.



15. Because he’s your best friend.





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