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The Proposal

I realised I’ve been rambling about bridesmaids and wedding planning without telling you how it all began. The proposal. I have been asked how Steve proposed about a million times! I think that’s because everybody likes to hear a happy story and to be reminded that romance is alive and kicking! So although I’ve parroted an edited version of our story a million times, I thought I’d write it all out, without exception, for you and for me.

It all started on Saturday 26th September 2015. Me and Steve were in one of our favourite restaurants before going to watch the Wales v England Rugby World Cup match in a fanzone in Cardiff. I asked Steve to remind me to book toil for an upcoming match and he said casually “yeh you’ve got to book off next Friday too”. “Huh? Why?” I asked. “because we’ve got to catch a flight in the afternoon”. “What?! What are you talking about?!”.    “We are going to Paris next weekend”. This was followed by a lot of disbelief and “you’re joking aren’t you? are you serious? You can’t be serious!” But of course he was serious.

Now I know what you’re thinking, I obviously knew right? Wrong. See the thing is, me and Steve have done a lot of travelling together, a lot. Steve has also done lots of romantic big gestures, for example, he took me to Paris on our first Valentines! And every single holiday, every single birthday, anniversary and every romantic gesture since the day I met him, everyone was convinced he would propose. It got to the point where I’d almost feel like I was disappointing people when I’d come back from holiday ringless!

Now, I have always wanted to marry Steve and I guess its a testament to us as a couple that people could see this happening from so early on in our relationship. But me and Steve had always said that when we got engaged, it would be to be engaged to be married. So because of our travel plans and buying a house, I hadn’t expected it before now. I feel like I’m justifying ourselves a little bit here because I feel like I’ve been justifying why we weren’t engaged/married for a long time. Which is silly, Steve proposed a month before our 4th year anniversary!

Anyhoo, more importantly the trip to Paris was actually happening and Wales beat England in the rugby :p But because of all of the previous assumptions, I decided not to tell anyone about this trip other than my best friend Nikki. Nikki obviously got very excited but she knew that I felt the pressure each holiday so she kept it to a minimum, as best she could! 🙂

I was also getting my hopes up a bit because it felt like the right time for us but I tried to squash those feelings because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Its a shame really, why do we worry about getting excited about something in case we ‘jinx’ it or it doesn’t come off? In the beauty of hindsight, I wish I’d just let myself get excited!

I was definitely excited about the trip though! We arrived in Paris on the Friday afternoon and had a leisurely evening with a walk and a meal and a drink in a local restaurant. On the Saturday we went to the Eiffel Tower, for a meal in a restaurant Steve had pre-booked and Notre Dame.

We then got back to the hotel and Steve told me to get ready because he had plans for dinner. At this point I was pretty convinced that Steve wasn’t going to propose because he was so casual, I had been pretty sure I would spot some nerves or change in behaviour if he was going to propose. Plus, I’d watched him get dressed and he hadn’t put anything in his pockets. So I squashed those feelings of hope and disappointment down into the pit of my belly and decided I was not going to let them bubble up and ruin a lovely weekend, which Steve had put so much thought into. I text Nikki just before we were getting into a taxi, saying “I’m 99% sure he’s not going to propose”, in a hope to stop her messaging me all night eager for news.

Whilst I was texting Nikki, Steve spoke to the taxi man quietly so I didn’t hear where we were going. We arrived at Les Ombres, a beautiful restaurant that Steve had taken me to when we first came to Paris and where everyone else had first been convinced he would propose. The restaurant is on top of the Musée du Quai Branly and it has the best unobstructed view of the Eiffel tower.

This time we were greeted by the maitre-d who told us that the restaurant hadn’t opened yet. However, when Steve gave him his name the Maitre-d opened a door from the wall of glass and asked us to walk on the rooftop to enjoy the view whilst we wait. Those feelings started bubbling up from my belly and betrayfully turning into butterflies.

Steve walked me to the furthest point of the rooftop, away from the restaurant, which was empty apart from some staff preparing the tables. It was sunset and the view was incredible. I was nervously babbling about this when Steve held my shoulders to stop me from walking and subsequently put a stop to my nervous jibber jabber. I won’t tell you what he said at this point because 1. its very personal and 2. I’m aware that this post is turning into a bit of an essay!

After his little speech, Steve got down on one knee, produced a ring from his jacket and asked me to marry him.

Can you guess what I said?


Because of my teary eyes, the first glimpse I got of my ring was when I was hugging Steve and my hand was on his shoulder. Wow! The boy did good. It was exactly what I would have chosen myself.

My Sparkler

After a few minutes of letting it sink in for both of us, I ran in to the restaurent..well I was wearing 5 inch heels, running is a whopping exaggeration. I toddled. I toddled into the restaurent and asked a waitress to take our photo on the spot where he proposed. I remember she said, “of course, where is your husband to be?” and this made me so excited I did another toddle back to him.

The First Time..
Post Toddle
Post Proposal


When we got back to the hotel later in the evening we rang both sets of parents on speakerphone so we could tell them together. Luckily for me, my sister, brother and sister-in-law were over my parents’ house for dinner so they found out at the same time!

I remember that on the Sunday we did some sight spotting in an unapologetic lovey dovey glow. We were soo happy and content and I’ll always remember that day, which I spent a vast majority of staring at my hand!lol

When we got off the plane, to both our surprise was this!

Our Awesome Family

So there it is, our proposal story.

Toodle pip. xx


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