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15 Signs You Should Marry Him

1. He’s basically the first person you want to tell anything and everything to. And I do   mean anything – you have no filter.   2. Because no filter is needed.  You feel as comfortable with him as you do alone. 3. He let’s you use him as your personal radiator. Dead-cold tootsies –… Continue reading 15 Signs You Should Marry Him

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WOW! Hoyosun Long Lasting Lip Colour Review – Tutorial

  If you are anything like me, lipstick, lipgloss or lipstain does not last past lunch time. Now its either me and I’m licking my lips too much (probably) or eating and drinking too much (most definitely) for the average lip product OR they just don’t do what they say they do and LAST! For… Continue reading WOW! Hoyosun Long Lasting Lip Colour Review – Tutorial

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The Proposal

I realised I’ve been rambling about bridesmaids and wedding planning without telling you how it all began. The proposal. I have been asked how Steve proposed about a million times! I think that’s because everybody likes to hear a happy story and to be reminded that romance is alive and kicking! So although I’ve parroted… Continue reading The Proposal