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How to Ask Your Friends to be Bridesmaids

Now I’d tackled the tricky bit – choosing who my maid of honour/bridesmaids were going to be – I got to do the fun bit and ask them!!

I hadn’t wanted to ask them until after the venue was booked and we had a date, just because I thought it seemed a little bit premature to do so. That hadn’t stopped me looking online at different ways to do this though because..well, I was excited and impatient! Haha! I knew I wouldn’t get the chance to have all the girls in one room any time soon to do any nice group announcement, which I could only imagine would have involved lots of jumping up and down and group hugs! (I’ve watched too many movies!) On my search I found some lovely sentimental gift ideas (I will link these below for you if you fancy a gander)  and I nearly put together my own bridesmaid gift bags too! But in the end I decided to go with a shared love of all of ours… FOOD!!

I am most definitely a foodie, I love shopping for it, cooking it, and most importantly eating it!!! I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, unfortunately for me and my waistline I love savoury food…meaning carbs! Many, many, MANY carbs! I’ll get into this more in my wedding diet blog post, but for now just know that I have one sweet weakness…cookies!! Cookie is my crack. My fiancé even calls me his cookie monster..yeh it’s that bad. He doesn’t help though, he’s my main supplier.

Anyway, I decided to turn my love of cookies into a sweet gesture and let the cookie do the talking! So I ordered THESE from Millie’s Cookies and I set up dates with each of my bridesmaids to give to them as a surprise!

Here’s me with my second love…

“Will you be my Maid of Honour?”

First up was my sister and maid of honour, Laura. I was meeting her after work to go for a Mexican and to watch a play she got us tickets to. I got to the restaurant early after picking up the cookie, hid it under my coat until we had ordered, and then produced it from under the table…to say she was excited would be an understatement…


Second up was my best friend and maid of honour, Nicola. I was popping over Nikki’s to give her her birthday present, after giving her her birthday present I grabbed the cookie from the car..


Both of them were super excited and emotional and had assumed the other one would have been asked instead! They were really happy that they got to share the role too! I hadn’t been worried about that though. I was also really happy with their reactions and the way I chose to do it, it seemed really fitting and it made it more of a surprise for them. Plus, they loved eating the cookie and got to share it and the news with their family/work colleagues/friends etc!

To see how excited they were to be asked made me emotional and really excited for the wedding too! I told them that I wasn’t expecting much from them, except maybe to make sure I don’t vomit into my bouquet with nerves, race up the aisle because of nerves (I practically power-walked up the aisle as bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding) and maybe hold my dress when I pee! You know, glamorous things like that! 😛 But bless them, they even seemed excited about these things! I couldn’t have two better friends/maid of honours, I really couldn’t!

Next up, Sana! Sana is organising her own wedding within 8 months (a three day asian affair for 350 people – she is currently living, breathing and sleeping weddings!). Sana has been one of my best friends since I was 16 and it wouldn’t be right without her there as bridesmaid!! She was so excited she cried!


Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of Stacey!! But I’ll add some of her at a later date!! 😀


Toodle pip


Links to some of the gifts I found..


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