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Finding Love and Body Size?

Ok, first things first I definitely would not describe myself as a love guru. I’m just a normal girl with normal experience of love and heartache.

This evening I was chatting to a close friend on Facebook and I asked her for an update on these two guys she had been chatting to on a dating site. After telling me that things had dwindled out and neither of them were making any effort to contact her anymore she said this, “maybe things will change when I go back to the gym”. And I’m going to tell you what I told her. Love doesn’t just happen to stick insects, playbunnies and body builders. People of all sizes fall in love. Losing weight is something you should do for yourself and only if you aren’t feeling comfortable or happy in yourself because of your size. Not because you think your weight or size is making you less attractive to the opposite/same sex.

Both men and women have a huge amount of pressure to fit into a particular mould that society tells us is ‘beautiful’ or ‘attractive’ and anything that doesn’t quite fit the mould is somehow less so. So men and women strive desperately to fit it. All of the time and in a million type of ways. This probably isn’t going to change or get much better in the near future sadly. However, what isn’t shown on telly or in magazines is Dave the potbelly builder and his plus sized wife Sarah who are happily married, completely in love and have a great sex life. These people exist all around us, everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. They are the majority. You might still have to fit the stupid mould if you plan on being a model or an international singer unfortunately. But for someone to find you attractive? For someone to think you are the most beautiful person they’ve ever known? Nahhh. Love doesn’t have a mould. Thank god right?! Or it would just down to the Paris Hilton and Justin Beibers of the world to populate it. Scary.

I guess my point is, being beautiful or finding love isn’t relative to just size. If you think losing weight or being healthier will make you feel better about yourself?! Do it. Just don’t do it because you are attributing your success at love to the number on the scales.

If, like my friend, you are a lovely person jam packed with awesome qualities and quirks that make you uniquely you..well someone can easily love you just the way you are and because you are just the way you are. And I bet you’re a sexy motherfudger. I can just tell 😉

Little rant over.

Toodle pip xx


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