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Choosing Bridesmaids..

CHOOSING the bridesmaids!! If like me you have a good number of close girl friends but you don’t want a huge line up of bridesmaids trailing out into the churchyard ..this can be a bit of a tricky decision! To avoid it feeling a little cut bit throat, I’ve kept it very simple and short.

I have chosen only four bridesmaids, none of which I think my other friends can or will get jealous of me choosing (I hope!!). I have chosen my sister (who would dare argue?!) my best friend Nicola, and two of my closest friends Stacey and Sana (these have been my best friends since teen years and I really don’t think any of the girls can/will complain).  By keeping the number of bridesmaids down to these core women in my life, I’m hoping my other friends won’t feel robbed of the role! I’ve thrown ‘hope’ around there a lot haven’t I! :s But, I do  think if I had branched out and away from these core four then some people would feel a little snubbed and hurt and that’s not something anyone wants!

Ding! Ding! The next round of this brutal process is choosing who will be crowned maid of honour! Again, don’t hate me but I’ve been very diplomatic in this decision. Diplomatic but sentimental.

I’ve chosen to have TWO maid of honours! I’m not even sure that’s a thing but stuff it, the etiquette police are not invited to our wedding! I’ve chosen to ask my sister, who is not only my sister but my bestest friend in the whoooole world. It just wouldn’t feel right not having my sister there as maid of honour. I’ve also chosen my best friend Nicola. Nikki has been my closest friend for as long as I can remember and we’ve always been there for each other in the happy times and the really really sucky times. Nikki is more than a friend, she’s family, and she’s probably more excited about my wedding than I am! I really couldn’t choose between these two! Plus, any planning of hen-do’s etc can now be shared and I really want to limit any sort of stress on my bridesmaids as possible! Its not their fault I’m getting married after all! 🙂

I know my other bridesmaids, Stacey and Sana, won’t have expected to be maid of honour. In fact, Sana just got engaged herself and as she has only 7 months to plan a three day asian wedding for 350 people.. I don’t think she’s going to miss any maid of honour type responsibilities.

Phew!! I feel like I’ve successfully jumped the first people-sensitive wedding hurdle! Those of you who have already tackled the guest list are laughing at me right now aren’t you!? Haha!

Obviously, the way I’ve gone about choosing my bridesmaids is just a personal preference, if you want 15 bridesmaids, have 15 bridesmaids! If you want 6 but you’re worried about other friends feeling left out – have 6 and the rest of your friends, if they are any sort of friend at all, will get over it and still be excited for your big day! It’s your wedding at the end of the day, do whatever makes you happy. Besides, you can get all the girls together for your hen-do and you can include ALL of your friends in the fun girlie bits running up to the wedding day! Then really, any friends who felt initially snubbed will see that the only difference is the colour of their dress on the day! They are all important to you and as long as you make that clear to any friend who feels a little hurt, they’ll understand.

Anyhow, now you’ve got your bridesmaids – how do you ask them? This is something that I’ve been pondering on for a lil while now and  I think it deserves a post all of its own…

Toodle pip xx


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